How to Choose Games for Real Money

If you have a question “how to get money fast”, gambling is one of the answers. After all, since childhood, we hear stories and see movies about “won a million”, “hit the jackpot”. But as always, behind the pretty shell is hidden work, intellectual and physical. So how to choose a game in real money online casino Canada to win more or less steadily and even hit the jackpot?

Cards and Tables

If you prefer a higher winning chance and spend a little time figuring out the rules, opt for table games like blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker, etc. You can find a strategy that brings you a lot of winnings. Blackjack is especially renowned for its significant advantage in favour of the casino at around 0.5%, provided you use the best strategy.

You can try the following games of chance:

  1. Blackjack — you have to draw cards worth 21 points or as close to that amount as possible to beat your opponent (the dealer). The main thing is to follow the strategy and not deviate from its framework.
  2. Craps — some bets reduce the advantage of the casino to a minimum. You can also make a reasonably consistent amount of money with this game. Here you are betting on a winning combination on a pair of dice.
  3. Casino Poker — This is a game of chance more commonly than Classic Poker. You collect poker combinations in an attempt to beat the casino dealer.
  4. Room poker is a family of games where players fight each other. It’s much more about skill and the ability to follow strategy than chance. You need to get a combination of cards that is stronger than your opponents.
  5. Roulette — here, the mathematical advantage in favour of the casino is relatively high but still lower than in the slot machines. Randomness has a reasonably high role. You bet on which sector of the wheel the ball will fall on.

In tables games, it is easier to bet than in slots because of the mathematical advantage. You are more likely to get winnings. They also have lower volatility so that you can choose the best strategy.

These games have a slower pace, giving you time to think and make the right decision. You can walk away from the table for up to 10-20 minutes, then return to the same game. In live games, the cards are dealt by dealers whose work you see clearly, unlike in RNG slots.

However, if you’re more into the excitement of slots, you’ll also find products that offer big winnings.

Slot machines

Slot machines are the most accessible game to play. The only rule is to place your bet and press the button. After that, the game will do the rest for you. Nevertheless, there are certain tricks on how to choose a slot to increase your chances of winning.

Pay attention to such nuances:

  • Number of paylines. The more their amount, the more expensive the bet per spin. This issue is essential if you have a small budget.
  • Bonus games. Most slots provide bonus rounds that offer extensive, splashy winnings. Your job is to find the game with the most generous bonus round.
  • Free spins are spins that can be either provided by the casino or built into the slot. Often they provide high winnings due to the multipliers built-in.
  • Multipliers — increase the payout when a winning combination is received.
  • Progressive jackpots — for a small bet, you can get a significant win. However, note that the chances of getting it are minimal. Therefore, better choose 3-reel slots, with fewer symbols and thus with more chances of its occurrence.

Always read the characteristics of the games you plan to play. It’s about RTP, the higher its percentage, the higher your chances of winning. Also, consider volatility. High volatility — the slot gives rarely, but a lot. Low volatility — the title offers often, but not much. Then, pick a game for your taste, find an honest real money online casino Canada and win!