Looking For Sanitary Pumps? Here’s What You Need To Know!

For the uninitiated, sanitary pumps are essential for a number of industries, including pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetics. Typically, sanitary pumps are classified based on the type, and there are four basic choices – jet, centrifugal, airlift and positive displacement. If you are looking to buy sanitary pumps, you must have sorted the basics by now. Here’s a quick take on the applications and some of the other aspects worth knowing.

What are some of the common applications of sanitary pumps?

The use of Sanitary pumps is extensive in industries like dairy and food processing, where these pumps can be used for pumping anything from milk and cream to fruit juices and sugar syrup. In the pharma industry, these are mostly used for pumping formulations, while in steel industry, sanitary pumps are used for pumping water for cooling the furnace. Sanitary pumps are also used in the chemical industry, where these can be used for pumping dyes, solutions and acids.

How to find a manufacturer?

First and foremost, you need to check for manufacturers who make 3A & FDA compliant products, which is extremely important for compliance and other requirements. The pricing is also one of the key aspects, but most buyers prefer paying more for manufacturers who offer adequate service and assistance for sanitary pumps. The background is also important in many ways, and you need to know and evaluate the technical expertise of the concerned firm. Ideally, sanitary pumps should be manufactured ISO certified plants, and the product range is another aspect to consider. A good manufacturer not only specializes in making quality sanitary pumps but also has enough inventory in stock for quick dispatch. Of course, you need to get an estimate in advance, so that comparing the choices becomes easier.

Points to note

In case of sanitary pumps, low energy consumption is one of the key aspects to check for. It is also important to check the material used, because these pumps are used for liquids, and therefore, corrosion can be a possible cause of damage. The replacement parts should be available, and the design should be optimized, so that space requirements can be minimized.

It is also a good idea to check if the pump can be dismantled. Check online now to find more on sanitary pumps, and always consider the sales support before selecting a manufacturer.