5 Promotional Products to Raise Brand Awareness among Millennials

Raising brand awareness and increasing sales is the major goal of business. However, many business people tend to forget that it’s important to fully understand the likes and preferences of the target audience to attract them to a brand.

Do you want to attract millennial consumers to your brand? Then you should invest in promotional items they purchase the most.

You can get those products for your loyal customers and employees and customise them with your brand name and logo. This way, you can increase the brand visibility and attract more potential customers to your brand. You can order the required custom promotional products through Custom Gear Australia.

If you’re unsure of how you can target the millennial audience, then here are a few products that you’ll find useful:

1.     Power Bank

Almost every millennial owns a smartphone, camera, tablet, portable speakers or other smart electronic devices. However, due to their busy routines, they often find it difficult to charge devices.

You can facilitate them with power bank giveaways. While it’s a costly investment, it can benefit you in the long run. They may frequently use your customised power banks and thereby, promote your business. Make sure you get quality power banks that stay in the working condition for long.

2.     Smartphone Covers

If you can’t afford to invest in promotional power banks, then you can look for relatively cheaper smartphone accessories, such as phone covers or earphones.

For the young generation, smartphones are an essential part of their lives and they keep their smartphones with them at all times. If you gift them a phone cover that features your logo, it’ll give your brand more exposure and help you attract your target audience, i.e. the millennials.

3.     Spare Tyre Covers

More than 90% of the millennial population in Australia owns a car. You can offer them automotive accessories, such as spare tyre covers, for the promotion purpose. Customise the tyre cover with your brand name. Whenever they take out the spare tyre from the vehicle, they will promote your brand.

4.     Wellness Products

Millennials tend to be more health-conscious than any other generation. They usually visit a gym or try to participate in other activities that can help them stay fit and strong.

You can give them promotional items that promote health and wellness. It’ll depict that your brand cares about the customers and their health and fitness is your priority. It can establish goodwill as well as help you expand your customer base.

5.     Water Bottles

While exercising in a gym, biking or taking a walk outdoors, many people, particularly millennials, keep their water bottles with them. You can get customised water bottles for your valuable customers. It’s an effective way of promoting your brand to the younger audience.

When it comes to water bottles, it’s better to invest in high-quality sports bottles that are BPA free and are leak proof to make a positive impression.

If you intend to run a promotional campaign for the millennial audience, then investing in the aforementioned products can be a good option.