archiveJanuary 2023


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Call Center?

We said that the cost of outsourcing a call center could be more interesting than building an area for it within your company. This happens because, in outsourcing, it is possible to eliminate costs associated with areas such as: hiring trained service professionals and costs with charges and labor rights...

Closed Offices Vs. Open-Space, Advantages, And Disadvantages

Proponents of the closed office first present the argument of concentration. Indeed, working alone in an enclosed space promotes reflection and the emergence of ideas. Isolation gives the employee a feeling of security; productivity is much better there without noise and external distractions to divert his attention; he can then...

Finding The Best E-Liquid for Your Way of Vaping

Today many people enjoy vaping for a wide range of different reasons; they may have successfully given up smoking cigarettes using vaping and are very happy with the health and financial benefits. Many vapers are unaware that there are different ways of vaping and various types of e-liquid more suited...