Closed Offices Vs. Open-Space, Advantages, And Disadvantages

Proponents of the closed office first present the argument of concentration. Indeed, working alone in an enclosed space promotes reflection and the emergence of ideas. Isolation gives the employee a feeling of security; productivity is much better there without noise and external distractions to divert his attention; he can then concentrate fully on his tasks.

However, the closed office can also lead to a waste of time due to the scattering of ideas; the employee may be tempted to consult his emails or news on social networks, which can sometimes slow down the proper execution of his missions during the day.

Finally, working in a closed office can allow the employee to be more relaxed, not to be constantly solicited by team members, to refocus, and thus be more efficient at work.

The Open-Space Workstation, The Alternative To The Classic Workstation

The advantages of open space are numerous; communication is easier there, and the place is conducive to the emergence of ideas. The exchange is the basic principle for working in an open space to be a success. The open space also creates a real team spirit and strengthens the corporate culture. Employees are more relaxed, to discuss and forge a real team spirit. They are friendly places whether to drink tea or coffee with colleagues.

Nevertheless, for the employees and contractors who occupy these spaces, the inconveniences can prove to be much heavier to live with, the promiscuity with colleagues in the workspace, and the noise can sometimes destabilize certain individuals whose character is poorly adapted to the community work.

Be that as it may, whether you choose an open-space office or a closed office. Their advantages or disadvantages will be revealed according to the personality of those working there. Some people will be more comfortable in a partitioned office than in an open space.

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