How modern Ads Automation Tools are transforming advertising on Instagram

The fact that it presents an innovative way of sharing content has made it very popular. With 800 million monthly active users as of 2018, Instagram has surely established itself as the favourite of this generation. With such a wide user base and especially for the fact that more than 60% of them being in the below 30 age group, Instagram has definitely become something very important to marketing professionals. It has provided a platform for brands to interact with their customers quite closely and in a unique manner. However, continuous interaction with the customers takes up a great deal of time. But thankfully for ad automation tools, interacting with customers and many other such tasks brands need to perform to increase their following and engagement can be handled easily. Let us have a look at how modern ad automation tools have transformed advertising on Instagram.

Automation can save you time

With automation, prescribed functions can be performed automatically without you having to spend your entire time on it. It can schedule your ads to go live at certain times. Automation can perform its own analytics to understand what time most of your audience and potential audience will be online and your posts will automatically be able to go live at the best hour to get maximum reach. You can use this time for rather important tasks like actually engaging with customers, increasing your organic reach instead of just buying fake followers.

Nurturing Customers and Better exposure

Instagram ad automation tools can also help you with nurturing your customers. Once you have identified your target market and understood the pain points of your customers, and their trends, you can automate your ads to reach specific customer segments. Advertising is nothing without being able to get the right exposure. Advertising automation tools can help you get more exposure with automated likes, comments and increasing your following. You will also be able to automate your nurturing tactics by creating bridge sequences, address their problems and build automation around getting those pain points addressed. The result is improved customer base and relationships with customers.

Building and design of your ad

The way you present yourself and your brand is very important. With Instagram ad automation tools, you can get a lot of help expediting your design process and converting your ideas into reality. These tools can help you generate funnel scripts and also help you tweak your ad strategies to fit your audience. It will certainly help your ad look better including picking out the right hashtags for your post. They can simply fetch the data on best structural designs of Instagram ads and incorporate it into your sales copy, so you will have a better template to get started with.

Cost Saving

All it takes to automate your ad is a small investment which gives you great benefits in terms of cost savings in the long run. These automated tools will continue to work while you sleep and provide you with results that will be comparable to something better than what you could have done yourself. They make your ads more efficient and visible which will soon start manifesting in the form of returns. All of these features and they are not that expensive either. In fact, you will be able to save on the costs of hiring more staff to do all of these jobs for you and the returns will certainly make you happy.

Better Competitive Advantage

With better ad designs, increased website traffic etc. you will have a huge competitive advantage against other businesses in your niche. Using ad automation tools, you will be able to always remain a step ahead of your competitors.

Given the tough competition that exists, marketing automations tools have become an indispensable part of success in marketing. Success does not come with one single effort or strategy and without marketing automation tools, it is impossible to keep a track of or organize all the multitasking. With so much workload, it is easy to feel burnt out that too without the fruit of your labour showing. To be brief, ad automation tools can save you a lot of time, effort and money. Overall, it’s a worthy investment.