Commercial Resurfacing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

What is Commercial Resurfacing:

Commercial Resurfacing is a quick and economic way used by real estate agents, contractors, or businessmen to give life to hotels, apartment complexes without having to do full renovations.

Many times real estate agents and contractors will have to give the best possible outcome under a low budget and with more time constraints. That is when commercial resurfacing comes into the picture. The commercial resurfacing Chicago calls this process a miracle method as it saves time, money and the results will always be positive.

Refinishing vs Resurfacing:

Refinishing means removing the uppermost layer of the floor and applying a fresh one over the existing wood. Whereas resurfacing the floor is more time-consuming and expensive as it involves removing the old floorboards including the removal of the wood floor beneath the top one.

Types of Commercial Services available:

Some of the few services that can be done by resurfacing or refinishing include:

  • Reglazing of Bathroom:

Resurfacing the bathtub is always affordable when compared to remodeling the entire bathroom. The new bathtub costs a lot and it is better to resurface tiles, counters, and cabinets without disturbing functioning tub, sink, and working countertops.

  • Tile Reglazing:

By doing this, people can change the outdated color of the tiles instead of dismantling the entire bathroom or kitchen just to change the tiles. Ideally refinishing or reglazing of tiles can be done in 24 hours.

  • Resurfacing of Counters:

Resurfacing or refinishing of countertops in the kitchen and bathroom is a process in which kitchen counter or bathroom countertops are repaired or restored helping them to extend their functional life without going for a replacement.

Pool Resurfacing Services:

Commercial Resurfacing can also be used for resurfacing pools that lost their prior glow over time. It’s quite normal for pools to wear over time and commercial resurfacing Chicago can bring back life for such pools.

There are three main services that can be done for pools to restore their lost glory. They consist of :

  • Plaster Resurfacing:

Plaster resurfacing is the most common resurfacing technique used by commercial resurfacing Chicago because of its durable nature. The process mainly involves deciding the type of plate and then looking after the maintenance to ensure long-lasting results.

  •    PVC Membranes:

If the pool is in need of a beauty makeover, laying PVC membrane pool liners can improve the appearance. Pool liners must be of easy maintenance, have water-tight durability, and have a smooth-to-touch surface.

  •  Painting:

Painting seems to be an easy and budget-friendly option when it comes to commercial swimming pool resurfacing to improve the appearance. Depending on the swimming pool needs and color it is better to decide the color.


Commercial resurfacing helps to improve the first impression of the building, pool, or house to make it stand out. This can be done to roofs as well for general problems like general roof wear and tear, Leaks, and moisture damage to the roof attic space.

The restoration that can be done includes identifying the source of a leak, repairing temporarily, and then a permanent fix.