Benefits and Procurement Procedure of the Garage Cash Cover Add-On

In this rapidly changing world that is also very uncertain and volatile, safeguarding our investments becomes an important discussion. One of your many investments often goes unnoticed, and that is your vehicles.

Whether it is your sleek sedan, robust SUV, or the vintage car you have lovingly restored, ensuring their protection is vital. This is where car insurance comes in. You will have to choose a really good policy, and for that, the first step is to compare car insurance in the market.

You can customise your car insurance policy using various add-ons. These add-ons are benefits that the insurance company provides you with. The premium amount is directly affected by this, but it is a really useful facility.

The Garage Cash Cover is a unique add-on to your insurance policy that not only shields your vehicle from potential damages but also provides a financial cushion during unforeseen circumstances.

 What is a Garage Cash Car Cover?

The garage car insurance or car cover is a supplementary add-on cover to your existing car insurance policy. In contrast to your standard insurance plans that focus solely on repairing damages, this add-on cover addresses the inconveniences you may face when your vehicle is being repaired.

It covers the financial responsibility when your vehicle is in the garage, and you still have to travel. It is like an everyday cash supply, a daily cash allowance to cover your transportation.

 Benefits of Garage Car Insurance

  • Perfect Travel Substitute

The garage car insurance allows the policyholder to choose their own mode of transport instead of forcing something onto them. They can opt for a cab ride, share riding services, etc., instead of public transport.

The daily travel allowance is fixed at the time of the policy agreement, and you pay your premiums accordingly.

  • Value for Money

The garage car insurance cover offers exceptional value for money by covering the often overlooked aspect of owning a car. Not having a vehicle for some days can be a taxing event when it is a part of your everyday life.

Hence, providing the worth of the vehicle in its absence is a very thoughtful facility that the garage cash insurance provides you.

  • Conveyance

This add-on cover offers a seamless solution by offering a daily allowance to cover your transportation expenses. This provides comfort and great service while your car is not available for you.

This not only ensures that you can carry on with your daily activities without disruptions but also guarantees that you maintain a semblance of normalcy during the repair period.

 Process of Buying Garage Cash Car Cover

  1. You will have to compare various insurance policies in order to get 4-wheeler/car insurance for your vehicle. You can use a premium calculator that will help you land on a certain insurance policy.
  2. Once you have identified your needs and requirements, like IDV, benefits, premiums, etc., you can choose the best company in your eyes.
  3. Once you choose a company, visit the official online website of that insurance company.
  4. Choose the Insurance For Cars section and scan the entire form.
  5. Find all the necessary documents mentioned in the form. These are very common documents that you will require in order to purchase car insurance. Your personal details, vehicle-related details like registration number, chassis number, driver’s licence number, etc.
  6. Once you fill out the form, you will see a few options where you can add different covers to your chosen comprehensive car insurance policy. These covers are the add-ons.
  7. You will see the garage cash cover, amongst others, like the zero depreciation cover or roadside assistance cover.
  8. Submit the form.
  9. Pay the fees.

This is the usual process of purchasing garage car insurance. It is very straightforward and easy.


We live in a world where vehicles stand in a garage more than once a year, and that too, not for maintenance but for repairs. It might appear to be an exaggeration, but it isn’t far from the truth. But when you have a provision as good as garage cash cover, you do not need to worry about these things.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the garage cash cover work?

The insurance company offers a daily cash allowance to the policyholder in the absence of the insured vehicle, especially when the vehicle is under repair and in the garage.

  • Can I customise the cover according to my choice of transportation?

Yes! Whether you wish to travel by rickshaw, car, cab, or train is totally up to you. All you need to do is specify this in the policy because your premium is affected accordingly.

  • Does the garage cash cover add-on increase my premium?

Yes. The garage cash cover add-on affects your premium and is directly proportional to it. It is only a slight difference, but your premium increases surely.