The personal loan, the financing of all your projects

You want to finance a trip, a personal project or just buy consumer goods but do not want to dig into your savings? Subscribe to a personal loan. Unassigned and at a reasonable cost, the personal loan is the ideal solution for one-off financing.  The professional financial experts have studied the terms of the personal loan and answer all your questions in this link,

What is personal loan?

The personal loan – one of the consumer credit derivatives is an unallocated loan. The personal loan must be used by the customer to cover one-off expenses related to consumer goodsor services. For example, it is often contracted to finance expenses following family events, medical expenses, education, travel, domestic work etc.There are 4 main forms of personal loan.

Credit/The personal loan for works: intended for the financing of domestic work.

CreditCar / motorcycle loan: intended for the purchase of a vehicle.

CreditThe so-called leisure personal loan: financing personal projects (travel, computer or electronic equipment, etc.)

CreditPersonal cash loan: financing personal expenses (marriage, education, health, unexpected expenses)

How long does a personal loan take?

The law determines the minimum duration of a personal loan set at 3 months but does not give a maximum duration. However in practice, a personal credit rarely goes beyond 7 years.

What are the interest rates?

Bank credit is worth noting that the interest rate applied to this type of loan is often higher than for an assigned credit because the customer does not have to justify the purpose of the loan. On the other hand, it is cheaper than a loan offered directly at the point of sale (renewable credits, for example). The lending bank or credit institution may also require the customer to take out insurance. The latter will refund the loan instead of the client if the latter should be in a situation of non-payment. It is important to inquire about insurance subscription or not because the relative costs will be added to the overall cost of the loan. However, the lender cannot impose an insurer on their client. The latter freely chooses the insurer that suits them best.


Yes, if you have a large cash flow you can use it to prepay your loan. The duration of the loan contract will be shorter and the interest due will be reduced. However, early repaymentis not only advantageous, it can be costly. Personal loan or any other loans are subject to market risk. You can get various offers and benefits on any loan categories so that you can pay back the loan amount but make sure that you don’t take more than the amount that you cannot pay back. Be aware of any false statements.