7 Email Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgeons

We all get a good amount of emails every single day but how often do we actually pay attention to these messages?

To attract the attention of recipients, marketers need to craft original, eye-catching emails and send them at just the right time.

If email marketing is important to your plastic surgery practice, here are some tips that will enhance your email campaigns.

  • Ways to improve your plastic surgery email campaigns
  1. Outline your goals

Every email campaign that you send should be aligned with your marketing strategy. This means that there should be a goal or objective attached to each one of your email marketing campaigns. By outlining what you want to achieve by sending it, you will know what to track and how to measure your success.

  1. Understand your audience

If you’ve been running your practice for some time now, you probably already have a good idea of who your target audience is. But if you want to take your email marketing campaigns one step further, take the time to develop personas that represent your ideal patients. Personas will touch on information such as demographics, job titles, motivations and pain points, giving you deeper insights into your target audience.

  1. Always get permission

There are a number of acts, rules and regulations that have been put in place that have made permission a must. Every one of your recipients needs to have given you permission to email them. They should also always be able to easily unsubscribe at any time and you will also need to get rid of their details should they request it.

  1. Timing is everything

Knowing the ideal time to email potential and existing patients can make all the difference to the results of your email marketing campaigns. Azuri Group is a marketing agency for plastic surgeons and recommends testing out send times to establish what will work best with your target audience.

From there, you can also setup automated email campaigns to put your marketing on autopilot. However, it’s still important to keep reviewing the results of your campaigns so that you can optimise them accordingly.

  1. Make it mobile-friendly

The majority of consumers will check their emails on their mobile phones, which is why each of your email campaigns needs to be mobile-friendly. This means that your emails need to be easy to read and your media should be mobile-friendly in terms of size too.

  1. Keep testing

The only way to see real results from your email marketing campaigns is to keep testing and optimising them. When reviewing the results of your campaigns, look at metrics such as open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribes to gauge how effective your content and calls to action are. You can then use these learnings to test and optimise future campaigns. In fact, A/B testing should be a part of your email marketing strategy anyway, not just when you’re seeing unfavourable results.

  1. Get help from the professionals

If you simply don’t have enough time to spend on your email marketing campaigns, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional agency instead of sending out ineffective campaigns.