Different Equipment Used for Logging in Forestry Industries

There are a number of companies that manufacture many different equipment for timber harvesting which is very unique for logging, fuel treatment, forest road construction and many other forest management activities. These are mostly heavy equipment and are built under special order as per the required size and design to meet the requirement of the forestry task.

 These logging machines are grouped in the following categories:

  • Logging
  • Landing
  • Road transporting
  • Other services

Let us discuss about few équipement forestier in this small write-up.

  • Logging machine

The main purpose of any logging equipment is moving logs and trees from the stump to any roadside log landing.

  • Forwarder

Forwarders are used for carrying small and short logs from the stump to any roadside landing. In order to load logs on the forwarder bunk the operator will use loader heel boom grapple so that he can offload them on roadside and after that it can be loaded on the log trucks. This kind of machine is also suited for thinning purpose too.

  • Harvester processor

This is meant for small tree falling and then cut its leg to shorter size, cutting them by controlling the direction, delimbing, for cutting trees into logs, automatically cutting the head and all the operations can be controlled by using computers. This machine is so designed that it can work in moderately steep slopes and for thinning too.

  • Feller-Buncher

This is used as tree faller, controls the direction of falling, cutting with the machine and then they are cut and placed on the piles. It can also work well in moderately sloppy ground.

  • Wheeled feller-buncher

In this machine all the above operations can be performed and an additional wheel is also provided so that it can be easily moved on gentle slopes.

  • Small wheel feller-buncher

The similar machine of smaller size which are suited for working on gentle terrain.

  • Mulcher/ masticator

This kind of small tracked machine has got an attachment for mulching can grind any thick understory forest brush, limb, and also can put tree tops into woody mulch. It can also reduce fire hazards, improve habitat and prepare for reforestation. Mulchers are available in many different sizes and configurations. It can be wheeled, tracked and it can be front or boom mounted.

  • Roadside brush cutter

This is a mobile machine which is meant for clearing roadside brush and can be moved to the roadside in order to cut limbs and other vegetation.