Eight Reasons Industries Use Heavy-Duty Plastic Bulk Containers

Heavy-duty plastic bulk containers are made using the process called rotational molding. This process is meant for producing big plastic parts. It involves adding resins into a mold which is heated and rotated slowly. As the resins undergo the simultaneous heating and rotation it is distributed and fused into the mold’s inner surfaces.  The resulting products that include plastic bulk containers are used in various industries for applications such as assembly, storage, processing, and distribution. Learn more at

Heavy-duty plastic bulk containers are durable and versatile solutions for automotive, light manufacturing, appliance, paper, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Below are their main benefits:

Very Durable

Heavy-duty plastic containers are capable of standing up to the abuse of several uses and return trips. This makes them perfect for containing products that need to be transported to long distances.


These containers can be used repeatedly, preserving valuable resources and save landfill space. Also, these containers are made of recyclable plastic to ensure they stay out of the waste stream even if they come to a point when they cannot be used anymore.

Resistant to Moisture

Plastic containers resist to weather and most chemicals. This allows them to last even longer and offers maximum protection to the products they hold.

Have Great Carrying Capacity

A lot of plastic bulk storage containers can hold up to 2,500 pounds of products or materials. This makes them more efficient than cardboard containers.


Because of the strength of these containers, they can be stacked 6-8 high. This optimizes warehouse space usage and maximizes the efficiency of transportation cube in over-the-road trucks.


Bulk containers made of plastic provide excellent flexibility for customization to particular application requirements.  These containers can be designed to collapse or nest if not in use. When used in the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries, they can be customized to meet the standards of the FDA. Plastic bulk containers also have other customizable features such as four-way for entry, extended length, different sidewall configurations, drop doors, special hand-hold designs and others.

Worthwhile Investment

As these containers last longer, minimize product loss and damage as well as reduce landfill use and the cost of disposal, the can quickly deliver savings on long-term cost and return on investment.

Safe to Use

When opening reusable plastic containers, there is no need to use box cutters. Also, these containers do not have sharp edges, ensuring the safety of their use.