Home Security:  How To Choose A Quality Lock Or Alarm?

For locks or alarms, certified materials must be purchased. Only A2P locks. Only this certification issued by the National Center for Prevention and Protection guarantees good quality and resistance to picking, sawing, drilling, and tearing. An a2p lock will resist the burglar’s attack for 5 minutes, a2p for 10 minutes, and a2p for 15 minutes. Keys, locks, and bolts must be stamped.

Alarm systems on forbel for example (wired or not) benefit from the same certifications. They are then classified as type 1, 2, or 3 shields according to the results of the tests they undergo in the laboratory and according to the applications for which they are intended. NF A2P 1 shields are equipment for use in dwellings that are difficult to access, such as an upstairs apartment, and without any particular valuables. NF A2P 2 shield alarms will be installed in easily accessible dwellings such as a detached houses containing valuables. Finally, the NF & A2P 3-shield certified models will be intended for homes containing high-value objects.

Armored Door Or Door Unit?

80% of burglars go through the front door! It is the weak point of the house that must be secured as a priority. An experienced burglar opens a standard door in less than two minutes.

When choosing your front door, choose a door block instead. It is a complete set equipped with a defense lock integrated into the leaf with integrated armor varying from 2 mm to 3 mm of special steel. The exterior sheet metal faces are fixed to the metal structure. The frame is also made of steel, sealed directly into the wall. The adjustable pivoting system is also reinforced and protected by anti-hinging blades. In addition, the structure often uses an insulating material which significantly improves the acoustic and thermal comfort of the house. For the finish, the choice of colors is endless. As for the locks, the door set must be certified a2pBP.

Which Alarm To Choose?

There are two types of alarm: one classic anti-intrusion and the other connected to a telephone. A classic alarm is intended to discourage intruders and alert your neighbors with a powerful siren during the break-in. With the rise of smartphones today, more and more alarm systems include a GSM transmitter which allows an application to notify you automatically by telephone in the event of a problem. We can go further by connecting the installation with Schlage Installer for example to a remote monitoring station. Commitment is in the form of a subscription. Thus, when a detector is triggered, and a signal is sent to the reception center, an agent will immediately try to reach you. If the password is not given or no one has answered, It’s the most advanced all-in-one security solution to protect your home and family.