How To Acquire Your First Clients As A Lawyer?

Are you out of the CFA? Whether you’re joining a law firm like Grow Law Firm  for example or setting up your own business, one of the foundations of your success will be your ability to find your first clients. Here are a few tips for finding your first customers, then new customers regularly.

Play Your Network

When you set up as a lawyer, let everyone in your circle know: your friends and family will be your best ambassadors! They know you have followed your journey and will be the first to recommend you to someone they know who needs a lawyer. So don’t overlook any leads! Keep them informed of the latest news: what you do, what your specialty is, which firm you have just joined or where the firm you have just set up is located, etc.

Even if you think you have a very small network, it is necessarily larger than you imagine. And the recommendations made by your network can have a very rapid “snowball” effect.

An additional tip: do not hesitate to keep a file of prospects up to date to list all the contacts obtained recently and follow up with the people concerned in due time. Learn how to get criminal defence clients.

Develop Your Presence On The Internet

To differentiate yourself and find your first customers: no choice; you must be more visible.

  1. Create Your Website

First, your website will allow you to present yourself: your diplomas, your profile, your way of working, and above all, the most important thing: how you can help the visitor. The prospect seeks reliable information, which he seeks to apply to his situation. By offering him the information he is looking for, you have helped him, and he will be more inclined to call on you. You can also take the opportunity to present cases that you have just treated and update your site as soon as your firm knows something new. Bonus tip: the domain name you choose for your site is crucial; consider it carefully.

  1. Update Your Blog

Once your site is live, it’s time to start writing content for your blog. By sharing your knowledge, you will attract customers. Ideally, each blog post will discuss a problem encountered (and to which the visitor can identify) and the solutions provided. It’s also an opportunity to share the latest news from your firm and connect with potential clients. Remember that your posts must attract customers and lead them to contact you. And therefore, increase the number of your customers.

  1. Social Networks

A blog is a great way to get started on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Choose the platform according to your specialty, expertise, and where your potential customers spend time.

Once familiar with the world of social networks, you will occasionally be able to create promotions such as “Get a free consultation.” Being creative and posting regularly are the keys to success in the social media world. Surely you think it takes too much time for not much in return, but we can guarantee you it’s worth it!