Tungsten Wedding Ring: Why Is It Always In Trend?

Learn more about this material that has been gaining more and more space and is becoming today’s post. The tungsten alliance is one of the main alternatives for those who want a different material that is very resistant. But before making the purchase, it is necessary to consider that the choice of rings is significant, as it is the greatest symbol of the relationship between two people. Nowadays, there are many options for materials and models, and you need to consider the style, budget, and expectations when choosing.

Tungsten rings are the most durable pieces in the history of the jewelry industry. They are made from tungsten carbide, the strongest alloy that includes carbon. In the jewelry industry, tungsten was first used in the 21st century; before that, it was used only in the industrial and military areas. At first, it was used to make straps for Swiss watches.

Its characteristics, unique luster, and natural silver tone quickly made this metal a popular choice for jewelry connoisseurs. And so, the tungsten alliance has been gaining more and more space. Therefore, read the following topics to learn about this one of the most precious materials today.

Why Choose Tungsten Wedding Ring?

The tungsten alliance has been making the most significant success in recent times. But why does this happen? One of the main reasons is that tungsten is one of the hardest materials, given its properties.

A greyish-white solid, it has a very high melting point of 2780°C and is the only metal considered to have a permanent shine. Despite its remarkable properties, this material is cheaper than gold. Therefore, it is an excellent option for those looking for something more affordable.

Furthermore, it should be considered that tungsten carbide in Tungco for example is a stainless alloy that does not dent or scratch easily—not considering the high density and brightness. The plated tungsten rings have the coloring very well adhered, being more resistant and lasting.

When the bath gets old, it is possible to redo it without problems, unlike other materials that spoil it. This metal was discovered at the end of the 18th century and was initially used in the industrial field. And all thanks to its hardness because the density of this metal is twice as high as that of lead.

When combined with carbon, it takes the form of tungsten carbide – this is what jewelry, Tube materials is made from. This material has a hardness like a diamond, is wear-resistant, and is practically not subject to oxidation.