Simple And Quick Ways To Produce Extremely Relevant Videos

Today’s internet calls for quality content, and it’s up to you to answer that call most simply. Here are simple ways from to produce a video:

Bet On “How To” Content

Tutorials, “do it yourself,” and how-to videos have become increasingly popular on the internet, and betting on this approach is sure to be successful. According to a recent survey by Google, searches for this type of video are growing by an average of 70% per year, which confirms the taste of Internet users in general for explanatory, didactic, and highly visual content.

So, this is yet another type of video you can invest in and get great results with moderately low effort. That’s because these contents, like it or not, take a little more work in recording and editing, but they can be very good without needing a professional structure. With a fixed camera positioned close to the action, filming continuously, and inserting some images, you can already have a very good final result that will satisfy your audience.

In this material, you will find more complete instructions for making this video which will help in Creating Video Training Materials for Employees.

Make Quick Videos About Specific Concepts

Another type of video that can be produced quickly without much effort in terms of production, scripting, and editing is short videos about specific concepts.

For example: if you have someone in your company who specializes in SEO, you can record a 1-minute video with him explaining what this concept means and then publish it on your social networks, blog, and other channels. These videos usually generate high engagement because they are short and didactic and still have highly relevant content.

Take Advantage Of Meetings With Influencers And Authorities

Using other people’s visibility to bring more endorsement and authority to your videos is an excellent strategy and one that can be used whenever possible. Do you know someone influential? Did you receive an essential visit at your company? Did you go to an event with a lot of nice people? Try to get a video testimonial from these people and post it on your content channels.

If possible, ask the person to talk about something related to your business, give a tip about your specialty, or send a message to the audience. This will make the video even more enjoyable. This type of content will not require much editing; it will be short and attractive and bring more credibility to you and your company. You don’t have to spend hours thinking about producing super-elaborated content. As long as it’s relevant and follows some basic writing rules, it’s ready to go and will help your business succeed.

And so that you don’t make very serious mistakes when recording and editing the content; these contents can also help you:

Before recording or recycling any content, you should think about how it will fit into your strategy, what results in you hope to get with it, and make a mini script.