How To Remove Snow? Simple Solutions To Secure Your Garden And Your Roof

Winter and its big white coat have finally arrived. For the pleasure of the eyes, what could be better than watching the snow fall while hanging out with a winter hot drink recipe, a mulled wine, for example? You’re right; comforting yourself before getting down to business is essential. Indeed, you will have to take out the blue heater and set off to clean a minimum in front of your home. How to remove snow? Did you know that snow is nothing more or less than the rain that freezes at -4°C in the cloud? The temperature for it to form is close to zero degrees Celsius. In this way, crystallization occurs: the water turns into small snowflakes. That said, we will share tips on website for removing it as quickly as possible from the front of your home.

How To Remove Snow Quickly In Front Of Your House?

Clear the snow is no secret. Take a steel shovel and scrape the snow to prevent it from freezing and forming ice. Your best allies are eco-friendly, too: a good shovel and some elbow grease. We know you have plenty to spare! The second step is to limit the “skating rink” effect and fun, but sometimes dangerous, slides: spread sand or wood chips after clearing the snow. This will limit involuntary skating figures because your shoes should grip the ground better.

We repeat, use salt like Packaged Salt for Snow Removal Companies for example sparingly. Put it only on surfaces where the snow has already been raked. Otherwise, a dangerous layer of ice could form on too much snow due to the temperature drop. If the children want to give you a hand while having fun, why not combine efficiency with entertainment by forming balls (or a giant one!) that you will roll to collect as much snow as possible? Leave some for others anyway!

If the snow has covered your garden and, at the same time, your favorite plants, eliminate the salt from your plans, and you will damage their roots. In this case, go to a DIY store and choose sand to clean your paths. Be aware that snow is beneficial to your garden. Indeed, it protects your plants from frost and provides them with water. Our advice: leave your garden in peace. On the other hand, avoid walking on the snow to avoid damaging your grass.

Another very common bad idea: pour hot water on the snow. No need to draw a picture; drop the risk of turning everything into ice. Your plantations would not survive it. Finally, buying a snow thrower is the easiest way to remove snow quickly.