Nadine Gourkow Discusses the Best Luxury Hotels in Canada


Canada is a huge country (the world’s second largest in fact), with no scarcity of attractive places. With remarkable waterfalls, magnificent beaches, extraordinary wildlife adventures, breathtaking train rides, superb scenery, astonishing islands, and vivacious cities, it is no mysterywhy a holiday in Canada will often be considered a trip of a lifetime. Tourist attractions include – among others – the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountain Range, the vibrant coast of the West, the French values in the East, the gigantic wilderness of the Yukon Territory, and multiculturalism of Toronto. It is daunting to single out a single destination in this massive country, let alone just one hotel. With so many choices from British Columbia to Quebec, Nadine Gourkow will simplify your search with herlist of the best hotels, resorts, and lodges in Canada, that will make your trip memorable.

The Best of the Best

When it comes to spending time in a hotel, resort, or lodge, you want your every desire satisfied.  If you were to choose to go to any of these places on this list, you will not ever want for anything from the hotel. They have all that you have ever hoped for in a luxury vacation. So, without further ado, sit back and drool over these spectacular places.

  1. The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort – While this resort on Vancouver Island in British Columbia is only open from May to September, is a striking paradox of indulgent extravagance and isolated, undomesticated wilderness in the Clayoquot Sound World Biosphere Reserve. This exceptional 21st-century-safari-style reserve of countless white canvas suite tents, dining, lounge, and spa tents provides exquisite fare and breathtaking adventures. It gives visitors a rare look at how the fortunate spent their summers ‘roughing it’ around 100 years ago.
  2. The Fairmont Pacific Rim – Located in downtown Vancouver, this new star hotel of the Fairmont Hotel Group, combines the best of what the Pacific Rim has to offer. Everything from the décor and culinary offerings is everything you could ever ask for. It is suitably situated along the shore in a lively new waterfront area. This hotel was designed with five-start in mind. They have 377 rooms just waiting for you.
  3. Trump International Hotel and Tower – Situated in Toronto, this hotel reeks of luxury. With 261 rooms, you will not have a hard time finding a room that you like. When you stay here, you will feel like royalty. You will also be mere minutes away from all the biggest attractions that Toronto has to offer. This 65 story behemoth towers above the city and is one of the most inviting hotels you could ever ask to stay in.


When it comes to travel, Nadine Gourkow knows a thing or two. She attends countless events annually in her quest to have animals treated with the same dignity and respect that humans receive. She has stayed in many hotels across Canada but none of them compare to these three gorgeous hotels. They are, however, on her bucket list.