The 5 benefits of Wi-Fi

We list the 5 most important advantages of getting a Wi-Fi network for your home or office.

When the Internet first made an advent in India in the 1990s, nobody could anticipate the sea change it would bring about in the lives of people all over the country. From being used exclusively by offices at first, it slowly began to be used by private residences. The earliest technology employed dial up connections – the speeds were slow and you couldn’t connect to the Internet if you were on a call.

Later, Internet technology in the country evolved to wireless connections. A prime example of this is Wi-Fi technology, which is being used widely across homes and offices all over the country today. But how does it work, and what are the advantages of using it? This blog takes a look at the 5 most important benefits of Wi-Fi.

1 There are no wires needed.

By virtue of its name, it is a big enough indication that Wi-Fi (abbreviated from the term ‘Wireless Fidelity’) is a mode of Internet connection that does not employ wiring for operations. The Wi-Fi network is set up without wires, which means there is no clutter and no need to make any modifications to install the network. A Wi-Fi connection is best if you live or work in a rented premises, where you may not be allowed to affix any wiring on the property.

2 You can use multiple devices over a single connection.

The best WiFi plans in the country today come leading mobile service providers like Airtel. Airtel has a pan India presence and at least four Wi-Fi plan options based on the city of your residence. The biggest advantage of using any of these plans is that you can connect up to 10 different digital devices on a single Wi-Fi connection.

3 Easy connectivity and always-on Internet.

Wi-Fi plans make it easy for you to connect to the worldwide web and stay connected all the time. Since it employs a broadband network for operation, you don’t need to disconnect any device to be able to connect to the Internet. Besides, the network ensured always-on connectivity – you could be seated anywhere in the sphere of the Wi-Fi network’s influence, and you can continue to surf without interruption or a network outage. This enhances productivity and gives you unlimited freedom to use the Internet for both work and recreation.

4 It is cost-effective.

The best Wi-Fi plans today, especially those devised by leading mobile service providers like Airtel, are completely cost effective. For instance, you could get a huge amount of monthly data (150 GB or more, based on the plan you choose) and also data rollover option for unused data, at an extremely reasonable price. Since the plan is priced for monthly consumption, it offers unlimited usage at a low price.

5 You get the highest Internet speeds.

Leading Wi-Fi plan providers like Airtel use the superb V-fiber technology. Airtel is the only provider in India to employ this technology, which offers an astonishing 99% uptime and up to 300 Mbps speeds! Generally, Wi-Fi networks offer superior speeds and data upload and download times as compared to non-Wi Fi networks. They are the best option for homes and offices where multiple devices are in use, from smartphones to laptops and tabs.