The Cleaning Essentials for Your Business

An appropriate cleaning schedule is a necessary part of running any business, whether big or small. The schedule you have in place will likely be tailored to not only the size of your premises but to the type of work that is carried out on it, as well as whether or not you are open to the public.

Regardless of any of these factors, you stand to benefit with the use of an industrial cleaner instead of attempting to make do with a simple broom or cheap home vacuum cleaner. Welcome to the world of industrial cleaning.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Starting with the basics, industrial vacuum cleaners are several steps above your average domestic hoover. Their motors are more powerful allowing for greater suction and they are far more sturdy, designed to withstand the knocks and bumps they will probably be subject to.

You will also find that they come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for smaller offices and expansive warehouses or shop floors.

  • An industrial vacuum cleaner will help you significantly reduce the amount of time that you or your staff spend cleaning on a daily basis.
  • They will also be far more reliable and require emptying far less often. Exactly what you need to ensure hassle free use.

Industrial Floor Sweepers

Next up we have the floor sweeper. Similar in use to a vacuum cleaner in that it can suck up dirt but floor sweepers also feature their own water supply and brush system which is designed to scrub floors.

What you’re getting is a piece of equipment which is far more suited to cleaning hard surfaces rather than carpet – perfect if you run a car showroom or any other environment with hard and shiny surfaces. You’re also covered if you manage an environment that features a concrete floor or tiles – such is the versatility of the floor sweeper.

  • Vacuum and mop at the same time, resulting in a cleaner floor and much more time efficient process.
  • Floor sweepers are simple to use with a little training – great for those businesses with several cleaners on rotation.

Industrial Scrubber Dryers

Moving on, we have what is known as the scrubber dryer. An extension of the floor sweeper, this piece of equipment is perfect for those who need to dry their floor surfaces as quickly as possible. This cleaning solution is great for high traffic areas which need to remain open to the public for access.

If your premises warrant it, you can also invest in a ride-on scrubber which will see you get the job done much faster, covering larger distances in an effort free manner.

Increase Your Productivity

Regardless of where you are in the country, you are sure to find a suitable supplier who can assist you. Some businesses may find that equipment hire is more practical than an outright purchase but we’ll leave that decision to you. One such supplier is Depureco but there are several others operating around the UK so simply take a look online to find your nearest. Always remember to shop around for the best quote.

The quicker you upgrade your existing cleaning equipment, the quicker you will experience the benefits.