The Services Of An Accounting Office

The services an accounting consultancy provides are so fundamental that a company could not survive without an accountant. Accounting is essential because it goes beyond recording numbers, and what enters and leaves the company. She does all the financial control of the enterprise, tax, and person management and, mainly, offers the entrepreneur valuable information for making managerial decisions. It is only through modern accounting that it is possible to have a deep and accurate view of the business’s health.

Company Opening

The services of an accounting firm like susan s. lewis, ltd begin even before the company opens its doors. An accountant’s task is to regularize the firm, that is, to legalize the business. It is at this time that he will register the company’s articles of association, as well as legalize them with the Federal Revenue Service and state and municipal bodies.

The accountant’s performance at this moment goes far beyond the bureaucratic issue. In addition to legalizing the firm faster and error-free, it will guide the entrepreneur to choose the best legal nature for his business. Will the company be a website, A limited partnership, or A sole proprietorship? It is up to him to guide the entrepreneur to decide on the best option and tax regime, respecting, of course, the definitions and restrictions imposed by the laws.

Tax Service

The financial life of a company like Payroll Services needs to be very well organized so that its numbers can be seen accurately. Disorganized financial management can have disastrous consequences. The fiscal books are used to make this organization. This is where all the firm’s tax transactions will be located so that the entrepreneur can think about his business strategies and control his finances. The tax service brings transparency to the business.

Tax Control

Income Tax, ISS, for example, there are several taxes that a company needs to pay monthly, and it is up to the accounting office to manage this, generating the payment slips. You can imagine the damage that poor management of taxes can bring to a company, with fines, interest, and even the company’s cancellation, right? But the role of managerial accounting goes far beyond generating slips: it is through studies by the accountant that the company will be able to pay fewer taxes, always within the law, of course. All tax planning must be done by the accountant, favoring the business and seeking savings in paying taxes.

Accounting Service

Bookkeeping is a critical task in the day-to-day of a company and is one of the many responsibilities of an accountant’s advice. Every company must register its financial transactions and issue accounting books and documents, including monthly conference balance sheets, verification balance sheets, and balance sheets. It is necessary to organize all the company’s documentation, follow the account entries (bank reconciliation) and take care of bookkeeping. The accountant does all this, keeping the company organized and complying with the provisions of the law.