What are the Necessary Features Every Website Builder Should Have?

This article focuses on some of the significant features every efficient website builder should have. Read on to know more.

  1. Easy to use

The website builder is designed to let any individual create and launch a website as fast and as easy as possible, it must pretty straightforward to use. If the website builder is complicated to use and is tough to follow, then you should use another one. You are not required to waste your precious time on those website builders that take a lot of time and effort to comprehend. The top web builders is the one which is pretty straightforward and has all the necessary tools within reach.

  1. Quality of website design templates and themes

No matter how user friendly is your preferred website builder is, its templates should always be of quality. The templates available on the website builder should be clean, mobile friendly, and have modern and customizable designs.

  1. Website design template customization options

The website builder should let you change the look and feel of your website by changing the color, font, background, and layout through the editor. Some also provide access to the HTML or CSS codes of the templates for more advanced customization.

  1. Pre-formatted web page layouts

Every website design template should provide you with basic design elements like color, layout, font style etc. Sometimes, there is a need to add more web pages. In that case, the pre-designed and pre-populated layouts always come in handy. In other words, the latter comes with placeholders for images, texts and other necessary elements. All you have to do is select one that meets your needs and replace the sample content with your own tailored content.

  1. eCommerce solutions

If your company sells products, no matter physical or digital, ensure that the website builder you select provides you with eCommerce solutions and tools. Some provide a simple built-in online store, while some offer an integrated third party application. Some let you build a fully functional online marketplace and equip it with all necessary tools and apps for shipping, coupons, taxes etc.

  1. Form builder

The website builder should allow you to build contact forms with ease. It should let you customize the form fields to build forms according to your needs, no matter if it is a contact form, feedback comment form or a registration form. Not all forms are built equally; some require high customization, letting you create as many fields you desire.