How AI Improves Our Day-to-Day Life?

AI – artificial intelligence is the simulation of human or animal intelligence by machines, especially computers. There are different forms of artificial intelligence, like language processing, expert systems, vision or speech recognition. Some definitions call AI intelligent agents because systems can observe the environment and solve problems according to gathered information. It came to life back in 1956 as an academic discipline. Ever since then has been developing with the different paste, depending on money and interest injected in it.

Maybe an ordinary person would think AI has nothing to do with everyday life, and this discipline only tech companies use and develop, which is a wrong assumption. But, instead, we get influenced by AI from the morning as we wake up until late when we sleep.

Everything on Your Phone

From opening your phone with the face ID, sending e-mails and instant messages, Google search to social media feed – everything is connected with AI. Apple has Face ID, and it uses 30.000 infrared dots to capture your face and recognize it. AI is a special algorithm that compares the look on the screen with the stored face, and the chances for fooling the application are just one a million. Spell checking and Grammarly that we use in messaging are also AI and natural language processing. AI also works behind the scenes to show you personalized news feeds and ads on search engines on your social networks.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an excellent example of AI, and the best sample for this is the sportsbook industry. There are already some mechanics where when you go play and open slots online Canada websites trying to roll your game, AI collects numerous information about your way of playing. Those collected data are the primary information for machine learning algorithms. The result of this is a better user experience for yourself and running better, personalized ads for sportsbooks. A happy customer is a good customer, and AI in this field is already widely employed and bringing a lot of money.


In the travelling sector, AI is a well-known fact, no matter whether you are travelling in your car or some form of public transportation. There are maps and numerous other applications that will give you an instant view of the road you have to pass to see if it’s already crowded or not. There are also weather applications to provide you with instant conditions on the road. Not to mention self-driving technology is already used in some cars and is spreading fast in recent months. All this is AI, my friend!


A vital point for every person – safe banking, and we all have to thank artificial intelligence when everything is working correctly, meaning – safe. AI gets highly used in detecting frauds in the banking system, whether you are logging into a bank account to make a transaction or buying a new pair of shoes on the online shop and verifying the purchase. AI will decide if this action is standard or someone else might be using your credit card!