Top Factors In Child Custody

Child custody is a crucial factor. People often neglect factors related to child custody when dealing with a divorce. However, each parent must pay attention to child custody and provide the utmost care for the child. We might not be aware of this, but negligence can cause mental distress in children. 

Apart from taking care of children, the court will consider some factors in the child’s best interest. A child’s interests and preferences will evaluate such factors individually to determine child custody. You should get help from a lawyer if you need legal representation for the child custody case. Let us learn the essential interest factors in a child custody case. 

  • Primary caretaker

A primary caretaker is a parent with whom the child spends most time while the other parent is busy with a job, business, or other activities. Priority will be given to the child’s primary caretaker before the divorce. 

  • The mental health of the parents 

The mental health of each parent will be considered closely by the court. The child’s best interest would be affected by a parent with untreated mental illnesses, emotional instability, personality disorders, etc. The parent suffering from such a condition will not be rewarded with child custody. 

  • Physical health of parents

Similarly to mental health, a healthy and fit parent in the divorce will be rewarded the child custody. Physical illness or disability can influence the final decision of child custody. Suffering parents might not be able to take care of the child effectively. 

  • Stability

Stability plays an essential role in each child’s life. The court will rule the decision of child custody in favor of parents who will be able to provide a stable home. For instance, the parent who spent more time raising the child will likely offer a much more stable home. 

  • Child care arrangements 

In most child custody cases, both parents work to provide the child with a stable and comfortable life. Such factors are known as child care arrangements. The parent who can provide better child care arrangements would be rewarded the child custody. 

  • Alcohol and drugs 

Alcohol and drugs can affect the child’s best interest. If evidence of alcohol and drug misuse is found with either parent, the child custody decision may be influenced. You must contact a child custody lawyer if you think your spouse has a problem with alcohol or drugs. 

  • Child’s preference 

The court will prioritize the child’s preference in the child custody case. The child’s age will be a vital consideration in such an interest factor. The court will give more weight to the child’s preference if the child is closer to 18 years of age.