What Kind of Promotional Gift You Can Go for  Now

Having a promotional gift printed is the ideal way to thank, congratulate or reward partners and customers. In this article we give five practical tips that contribute to the success of your gadgets. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate, from birthdays to new contracts and thanks for a successful financial year.

What is the ideal promotional gift? That depends on various factors. First of all, it must be relevant. Ideally, the gadget has a function, so your brand remains top of mind. Furthermore, it is a good idea to play on the feeling of the receiver. This can be done by printing the relationship gift with a nice text or by giving it at a strategically interesting period of the year. These tips will undoubtedly help you choose a promotional gift. From the best pen supplier this is the perfect option now.

Functional promotional items

The functionality of a promotional gift is an important factor, which means that they must really be used. This ensures that your brand remains visible everywhere and at all times. Think of pens that keep on lying around, travel bags that you take with you all over the world and umbrellas that provide free advertising for your company during rainy days. An ideal promotional gift is a product that will actually be used and that has a logo that stands out. You can also go for the engraved pen here.

Timing is everything: give it during strategic periods

Bags, computer accessories and lanyards can be used all year round. Seasonal products, such as umbrellas, are perfect to give at the start of the winter. A poncho during the festival season, lip balm for during the freezing cold, writing utensils during the beginning of the school year, caps against the sun, or hats – when the temperatures take a dip.

Respond to the recipient’s emotion

Printed gadgets do not necessarily have the logo of your own brand. The more personal the message, the more emotion will be worked up and the more striking your promotional gift will be. You can have a funny text printed on it that only your contacts understand.

Other objects, such as board games, always provoke a lot of emotion and reaction while playing. Coffee bags are both functional and emotional gifts. We all know that one colleague whose luck can be found in a fresh bag of coffee with your logo.

Sector-related promotional gifts

Another way to make your goodie a success is to make your gift sector-related. A manicure set can perfectly do as a gift from a beauty salon and with a bottle opener you are guaranteed to score with your catering business. A USB stick can help students and hobby chefs benefit from a high-quality printed kitchen apron. The possibilities are endless.