Why It Makes a Lot of Sense to Sell on Amazon

Most people who decide to set up an online store realize the many options available for them to choose from. And although every option has both pros and cons, your situation dictates the right option for you. There are many reasons merchants choose to sell on Amazon and these include the following:

Big Sales Potential

Amazon has a significant addressable audience. When listing your product on this platform, you can access a big pool of established customers. A spokesperson from Amazon said that the website has more than two million sellers across the world, selling over 2 billion items in 2014. Amazon sellers get an instant access to hundreds of millions of online customers.

You Don’t Have to Worry about Packing and Shipping Orders

With Amazon, sellers don’t have to worry about packing and shipping their products. The website provides Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) which means Amazon takes care of all storage, packing, and shipping. Also, FBA streamlines global exportation, customer service, and returns. Plus, sellers can take advantage of amazon product research tools that they can use to know their competitors’ activity and the condition of their specific market.

You Don’t Have to Spend Money on Marketing

E-commerce websites need to spend a lot of money on advertising to keep consumers informed about their existence. However, Amazon possesses a built-in customer base that cannot be matched by any standalone website. Sellers at Amazon get repeat business, especially if they provide great customer service.

Amazon Offers Dependable Back-End Infrastructure

This infrastructure offers anything sellers need to do business such as credit card processing, inventory tracking, and sales tax collection. These things can be overwhelming for sellers who sell in several jurisdictions.

Get Automatic Recommendations

Amazon has an algorithm that allows customers to see a list of recommended products while they are on the site. This means that your product could a customer’s attention even if they are looking for another product. The big network of affiliates of Amazon may point customers to your products by featuring ads from Amazons on their sites.

Amazon Offers Many Perks

Amazon sellers get to enjoy perks such as giving their customers a dependable shopping experience, world-class fulfillment resources and expertise, trusted shipping options, exceptional customer service and more. Also, sellers can list their products in over 40 categories, benefit the contracted shipping rates of Amazon, and make use of free reporting and analytical tools.